Gotham Scorpion Forever: A Night of Series Premieres

Since I was super adamant about watching *all* of the series premieres I wanted to last night (and consequently stayed up until 5 am doing so, whoops!), I thought I’d record my thoughts about them while the memories are fresh in my mind. In general, I thought that all of the shows were off to a good start, but in my opinion, any show can have a great pilot, it all matters what happens afterwards which shapes the mettle of the show. So, let me go through each one by one:


This is the one I was most looking forward to, and is my own favorite. From what I understand of comments online, the concept is similar to a show that has already aired, but since I’ve never heard of or seen that one before I’m basing my thoughts just on what’s in Forever. I love detective stories, especially when a fantastical element is involved, so when you give me a hyper astute analytical doctor who’s also immortal, I’m like “Yeah, I’ll go for that!” Mr. Fantastic is fantastic as Dr. Henry Morgan, whose sexy accent seems not to have dulled over the last 200 years. I’m just curious about what the logistics would be if, say, this show goes on for ten years and the audience could literally see him aging past the point of looking like he’s 35. All the hair dye, maybe? Or perhaps they would just alter the script about him…but this is all in the hopes that this show succeeds. I learn the hard way that just because *I* like something, it doesn’t mean everyone else does, and then I’m sad that Mind Games got canceled. D: I can tell that this is an ABC show, because if they’re not hunkering down on sexy sexiness, the network usually caters to all of the feels. And it was a regular Feels City up in here when we learn the origin of Abe’s and Henry’s relationship, and it in turn made me sad because I can see the future there. Because television, Abe will eventually die in the show (or maybe even his actor before they’re ready for him, if this show continues to go on for a long time. xP) I could have done without the inevitable hitting over the head of Future Love Interest (I can’t remember her character’s name), but I dunno…there might not even be a way in television to avoid that. Obvious things are just obvious by this point. All it will boil down to is just how long they can stretch out “the chase” before the predictable finish line. Oh my god, unless they kill her off before then. Maybe. But anyway, overall I like this show so far…so powers that be, please don’t fuck it up. :D


This show was cool, but I couldn’t help but think about all the collateral damage that happened during their efforts to be badass and save everybody. Who pays for that shit after everything’s said and done? Does it come out of the Scorpion team’s paychecks? Homeland Security just rollin’ in dat dough or something? Or does someone just come out of work and find their Ferrari wrecked with no explanation? I’m kinda wondering if all of the episodes will be like this now, because that might be a bit much for me if they never address the repercussions of their actions. The character I’m most interested in is the shrink guy, since I’m fascinated by people in general and I’m eager to see the analytical situations they provide him with. I don’t see this show’s future being in jeopardy since all anybody compares it to is a “drama of The Big Bang Theory" and since everybody loves to get off on their Bang so much, I see it sticking around for awhile. Whether I personally continue to watch it would be the issue there, so let’s see how they handle it.


Oh, Gotham. The thing I worry about most for you is if you might become too camp for life. Don’t get me wrong, I love a stylized Gotham as was previously evident in the 90s movies and the classic carton (Kinda bummed Nolan’s Gotham was more or less a normal city, really), and that cheeky noir flavor permeating throughout the scenes, but some of it all just makes me go…”Really”? I can see why this went to FOX, it’s right up its alley. I mostly get the impression that Gordon is the only good cop left in the city, and he’s new to boot. When I see Bruce Wayne, all I can think about is how he was that kid from Touch. It’s nice to see some of the younger characters present alongside Wayne, but I’m hoping Catwoman will eventually do more in the series besides prowl around and look cool. It’s uncanny how they were able to incorporate villains like Nygma and Cobblepot as young men and have them totally look like their representations…and um, also look hot (Or maybe that’s just me ‘cause I’m weird. :P) Since Fish Mooney is a character they made up just for this show, I’m curious how they’ll handle her in the long run. I’m imagining she’ll get whacked long before the first seedlings of Batman come into fruition. Also, as a small pet peeve, I hate in general when they take older stories like this and, even if they keep the time period a bit murky, incorporate the use of cell phones. I feel like its cheap. As if they just wanted to cop out on storytelling for a way to get around the inconvenience of non-instant communication. Using old timey rotary phones would have looked just as cool, if not cooler! For an observation, when Renee came to see Barbara to tell her that Gordon was a bad guy, I was like Bam! Those chicks used to be lovers. Let’s see if I’m right. Finally, when the show ends on Cobblepot killing a guy just to steal and eat his sandwich, I feel like that reflected the future of the entire series. I’m on the fence about whether this show will succeed or not. The loyalty of Batman’s fans may carry it for awhile, but if it gets soooo campy to stomach, I think it would most likely get kicked to the curb.

In conclusion, keep up the good work Television. No matter what I think, you were able to produce shows that made me reflect in such a TL;DR fashion that you must be doing something right. Let’s see what else you have to offer this season!!

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