Where do I begin.

So I had the misfortune of finding out that a photo taken of me on vacation by my boyfriend, was stolen and used without my permission here on the lovely r/fatpeoplehate on reddit. It not only disappoints me that people think that this behavior is okay, but that this subreddit even exists and hasn’t been removed at this point. There are TONS of photos of (mostly) women posted there; selfies stolen their personal blogs/facebooks/instagrams what have you (WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION), and posted on this horrible subreddit for people to harass them and leave hundreds of negative comments bravely behind their computer screens where no one can see them. I have always struggled with my weight and found it hard to get dressed and leave my bed some days, and have only recently started to accept the person I am after years of depression and health issues. I feel extremely violated and hurt that someone thought it was okay to take something that isn’t theirs, and use it for their own amusement and kicks.

We have since contacted reddit requesting them to remove this subreddit, but I find that doubtful considering how many removal requests they have probably received in the past for this forum, and it still remains active.

All I ask from you guys, is that you can please signal boost this post and hopefully get this horrible subreddit taken down for good for the sake of the poor unsuspecting people whose privacy has been violated and self worth diminished by these garbage people who have nothing better to do.



this is fucking infuriating.  not in a good place to contact reddit about it right now, but will do when i am up to scrolling through their bullshit.  

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I love the empowering lyrics of Moon Pride, but gorgeous new anime opening + nostalgic old anime’s theme song= CAN I JUST HAVE THIS FROM NOW ON FOREVER PLEASE?!

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So I went to Palmdale around the mall area today, and when I parked outside of Trader Joe’s I heard signs of what I assumed was some beater car starting up to drive away. But lo and behold when I got out of my own car, I discovered that *mine* was the beater car gushing coolant onto the pavement with smoke sizzling from the battery due to apparently overheating. Thoroughly freaked, I remembered that there was thankfully a Jiffy Lube around the corner and made my way over there post haste. Worried that my coolant tank had broken like it had several years before, I was assured that it was just a disconnected hose which was causing the issue, and an easy fix. But refilling the entire drained coolant tank woefully also drained my wallet. I feel lucky that the incident was minor, and wasn’t something that might’ve blown up my car like I was totally thinking. I do feel bad for leaking perfectly good coolant onto that parking lot though, and probably getting it onto someone’s tires.

TL;DR: I am always grateful to Jiffy Lube for being able to interpret the moon runes that lie beneath my hood. And even though I didn’t get an oil change, the clerk gave me a punch card anyway. Jiffy Lube is good people. :)

Jiffy Lube Car Problems TLDR